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With an Album in the oven and still hot out on the road, featuring recent opening slots for acts such as Andy Frasco and the U.N., Ben Miller Band, and Consider the Source - Vintage Pistol continues to conquer the US each and every show. 

Vintage Pistol is a five piece inspiring roots rock band originating from the Mountains of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The new age blues jam rockers resemble that of today's Marcus King Band and Gary Clark Jr., while sticking true to that of yesterdays Allman Brothers Band and Van Morrison. 

Comprised of a HEAVY rhythm section, encompassing guitar work and well crafted songwriting - Vintage Pistol is a tight but explorative live performance not to be missed.

The Second Amendment

Vintage Pistol

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Imagine if The Allman Brothers Band went on a trippy magic carpet with The Black Keys and all of it was being narrated by Van "The Man" Morrison...That's pretty much Vintage Pistol, a 5 Piece rock n roll band out of Fayetteville, AR. Influenced by the diverse genres and sounds of psychedelic, roots, blues and rock n roll laid down by the Giants before them

"Vintage Pistol plays rock n’ roll. But that’s putting it too simply. As with any band with diverse players, their music sort of eludes specific genres.. from Ryan Adams to Zakk Wylde, Pink Floyd and The Doors, the band shows shades of their backgrounds at different moments in their sets."

"Without question, Vintage Pistol is one of those bands in town that can shred ‘till they’re dead. About a quarter of their live sets go into improvised jam sections that lead into different parts of the set. It’s no surprise four of the five songs on the EP feature tracks longer than five minutes, and that’s a good thing."

"Every song features stellar instrumental sections, especially the epic, building jams on “There’s a Flame” and “Done Runnin’.” Watson’s guitar solos are always a highlight of the tracks, and when he really gets going, his feel can send shivers down your spine." - The FayettevilleFlyer

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  1. 1 You'll Never Know 04:58
  2. 2 Clash 05:25
  3. 3 Done Runnin' 06:07
  4. 4 There's a Flame 05:05
  5. 5 Can't Win 06:32

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Vintage Pistol Live at The Blue Canoe!

The Blue Canoe, Tupelo, MS

Tupelo!!! We are returning to one of the rowdiest most fun times of tour again as we are hitting The Blue Canoe for a night of long extended jams, good beer, and even better company! Come get down with us!

Vintage Pistol Live at Georges Majestic Lounge w/ Welles

Georges Majestic Lounge, Dickson Street, Fayetteville, AR

Stoked to be opening up for long time Fayetteville resident Welles as they make their first awaited trip back to AR coming off a hot touring year of support slots for Tame Impala, The Record Company and more. Fayetteville, let's show out!

TwisterFest 18

Muscle Car Ranch, Chickashaw, OK

Stoked to be playing with some of our friends at Muscle Car Ranch! Get tix now! Going to feature Atlantis Aquarius, Jonathan Tyler, Space4Lease, Vintage Pistol and more!

Big Piney Creekfest 2018

Moore Outdoors, 3827 SR 164 W, Dover, AR

Vintage Pistol has been added to this years lineup at Big Piney Creekfest! You asked for it and they booked it! Other great acts to include: The Ben Miller Band, Arkansauce, The 1 oz Jig, May The Peace Of The Sea Be With You, Jamie Lou & The Hullabaloo, Mountain Sprout, Couch Jackets and many more

Vintage Pistol Live at The Thirsty Devil

The Thirsty Devil, 202 W Main St, Tupelo, MS

Making our way back to one of our favorite towns to tour in Tupelo, MS!! This time we are making our debut at The Thirsty Devil!!! Come out for a night of kick ass jams and rock n roll!

Vintage Pistol returns to The Dog House

The Dog House, 3049 Owen Dr, Fayetteville, NC

We are returning to The Dog House for another stellar night of jams and friends! This Fayetteville is slowing trying to take our home Fayetteville's spot in our hearts and it's working!!! Let's get wild!